Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nail Sale :))

Hey hunnies

Christmas is coming and I need to de clutter especially when I've spent over £500 on all this stuff and never used most of it and the things I have only once!

Would ideally sell all together as it does all go hand in hand :)) but would consider selling separately.

As you can see from the pics there's loads and alot to list lol so probably will miss something out of it lol.

Anyway here goes :))

Full gel acryl kit
Nail cleansers
Scrub fresh
Cuticle oils
Lint free pads
Set of gel brushes
24 brand new gelac gel polishes (cost £15 plus vat each) all colours inc top and base coat
36 watt pink uv lamp with spare bulb
Lots of nail polishes never used, Barry m, opi, china glaze etc
Loads and loads of nail art and brushes
Practice fingers
......... Loads lol

Wanting £300 for it all <3 let me know if you're interested beauts xxx

Eeeek .... Eeeek .... Eeeek!

The (she said beauty) box has arrived! ....

This is just a really quick post as using my phone, I will do an in-depth review when I get on the laptop/pc.

It wasn't what I was expecting but I'm not (that) disappointed ... From reading other people's blogs on the 'she said beauty box' I realised that receiving the November box as my first box wasn't going to be great anyway as from what I can gather their boxes have been going downhill for a while and a lot of their subscribers were disappointed with their November box.

Also, on receipt of the 'dispatched' email it sent a link to have a little preview of what's in the box - just incase you're like me and impatient! Lol ... Also I have been reading some other blogs on what they received so not gonna lie had my preferences .... None of which I received haha!

Anyway, as soon as the lovely postman delivered my (hot pink) parcel, I just waned to rip it open ... But ... I was good :)) and took pictures for you lovelies at every stage!

The box it's all in is a lovely Tiffany style box with a magnetic fold, a little smaller (eek) than I was expecting, not sure why lol; and inside everything was very neatly wrapped in more hot pink tissue paper a little sticker and a nice bow <3 .... So far impressed!

Inside the tissue paper is all my items sat on a bed of straw (cute!) ... As you can see from the pics iv pictured what I've received but I'm not going to go into detail until I get on the pc and take individual pictures and give my view and opinions on them ... I just couldn't wait to show you all lol

Keep looking hunnies my review will be up later today and individual pictures and prices :))

Thank you for looking beauts xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, November 9, 2012

First Beauty Box Ordered :D

Hiya Lovlies,

How are you all today?

I have just signed up to my FIRST Beauty Box Subscription Eeeeek! Honestly, I am so excited - I'm like a Child waiting for Christmas ... and I have only just ordered it haha!

After much deliberation which company to go for, I went for 'She Said Beauty' you can find them Here - Even though I'll probably end up subscribing to all of them, this one was the most appealing for me at the moment.

Basically, you subscribe for £9 (plus £2.95 postage) a month and you receive a box with around 5 sample beauty products inside - you don't know what you will receive, which for makes it even better as I LOVE Surprises :D

Brands they work with include :

  • Yardley
  • Amy Childs
  • Palmers 
  • Comfort Zone
  • SnowBerry
  • Andrew Barton
  • Bella Pierre Cosmetics
  • Balance Me
  • St Tropez
  • Orly
And the list goes on ...... <3

Keep Looking for when the Box arrives, as you lovely beauts will be the first to see it ... expect lot's of pics hehe :))

Talk Soon xxxxx

 Ps If you're going out tonight be safe and be careful hunnies <3 xxx

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mini Beauty Haul xxx

Hey hunnies, 

Last post of today .. I promise LOL!

Just thought I'd share with you the things I have been buying over the past few days and things that have been delivered (I have an online / ebay shopping problem Ooops!)

Things included are :
  • Nail Art set bought for the bargain price of only £8.49 plus postage from a seller on ebay, includes 10 Acrylic based coloured paints, A nail Art brush, nail glue, a gem / crystal pick-er-upper (which I am particularly looking forward to using as picking tiny gems up or a nightmare - especially when doing swarvoski crystal pedicures lol) a mini paint palette to mix all your colours and 1000 2mm crystals .... this is Available Here
  • 6 Creepy Looking Plastic practise fingers - which are great to practice different nail arts and colours on :) Bought for the bargain price of £1.99 again off of ebay (told you I was addicted hehe) Available Here
  • 7 Sheets of 3D nail art stickers for just £1.61 posted .... you guessed it -EBAY lol xxx Available Here
  • VIVO Eye defining Eyeliner Pencil .. I have heard great things about this so bought this with the intention of doing a 'smokey eyes' tutorial, which should be up for the weekend ready for all you beautys to Partayyyyy :p
  • 2 pack of Nail tips, 1 natural set and 1 pearly shimmer ones, bargain at £1.99 each pack from B and M bargains ... if you haven't got one near you .... Travel! it's worth it lol
  • Hot Pink Nail Art pen £1.00 B and M bargains :D
  • Smooth Mineral Starter Kit by N.Y.C Naturals - bought this for a review / tutorial as love Mineral Make up :))
  • W7 Sprinkle collection ... I have done a review on these :)
  • Last but not least Claudia Stevens 'Eyelash Curl Creator'
Thank you for looking hunnies and as usual any questions please ask, Thank you for Looking <3

W7 Nail Polish - Sprinkle collection Vs Nails Inc Sprinkles

Hiya Beauts

This is a post all about Sprinkle polish :))) now as you all know I love anything that sparkles and these sparkle :D

I first came across the sprinkle polish when a client came in wanting nail extensions, she had a gorgeous glittery polish on that very closely matched that of a rockstar manicure! I had to ask what it was lol! And she said it was a nails inc one and that she bought it off QVC. Anyway, I got home and ordered them off the Internet (there is 4 in the collection!) This was back in July, I have since moved house and no longer have the swatches :( so unfortunately I have no pics of the Nails inc to show you all but I will add some when I get chance.

The application of the Nails inc sprinkle polishes is pretty much the same as any polish (base, 2 coats of polish and then a top coat). It applies lovely and lasts at least a week (depending on activities) without chips. I always get plenty of compliments when wearing it so alls good there, but removal is another story! I was already aware of this as I had to remove the clients who introduced me to them, what a nightmare! It takes ages (even with a base and top coat!) glitter sticking to the nail and all around the skin :// it takes approximately 4/5 lint free pads soaked in acetone! Nails inc Sprinkle collections only downfall! And at £11 a 10ml bottle easier removal would be nice.

Now Onto W7 Nail Polish Sprinkle Collection. They have 3 in their collection, 'Lava Flow' 'Mosaic' and 'salt n pepper'. I purchased them from Nail Polish direct which is an online based retailer, free delivery and fast shipping times! (Please find the link below) 
In my professional opinion they are as good as the Nails Inc collection, same wear off time, same quality and same coverage. This also included the same dreaded removal! But at only £2.95 a 15ml bottle - I can put up with this lol :)) If both polishes were put in a generic bottle I would be certain not many people would be able to tell the difference! 

So In Conclusion to my finds I personally would recommend and prefer the W7 Collection, purely down to the price for the same quality .... and we all love a bargain <3 

W7 Sprinkle Collection 15ml Bottles  Available Here
Nail Inc Sprinkle collection 10ml bottles Available Here

Thank you for looking hunnies, hope you enjoyed, and any questions please ask <3 

O.P.I Pink Of Hearts 2012

Hiya Beauties :) 

I have been so excited for this review ever since seeing it in Salon Services (trade only) Derby. I went in to stock up on beauty supplies etc and at the till sat these beauts! I fell in love! Anything pink and GLITTER I have to have! LOL ... and also, what a good cause! £2 of every sale goes to Breast Cancer Charity Coppafeel.

So what exactly is OPI Pink of Hearts?

It's a Nail Polish Duo from no other than OPI (one of my favourite Nail polish brands!) including a gorgeous shade of Pink which is called 'I think in Pink' and a gorgeous sparkly glitter called 'You Glitter Be Good To Me' Both full size 15ml Bottles.

Where Can you buy this set from? 

Well beauts its not cheap if you aren't a professional and can get it at trade price, however it IS available for retail sale and retails at £22.00 and can be bought directly from the UK distributors of OPI Lena White Click Here

Before I go on to the review I just want to talk a little more about the Charity where £2 of each sale goes ... CoppaFeel! is a Breast Cancer awareness charity that educates young people on the importance of checking their boobs regularly and knowing the signs and symptoms of breast cancer. They aim to stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer in order to save more lives. 47,700 women and 300 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK.... What a horrible high number :( and also what a good thing such a huge company OPI are doing to raise awareness.
So there they are :) I'm sure you will agree they'd make lovely Christmas Stocking Fillers <3

 Everything I used ^^^^ So what I did to make it easier for you lovelies to see was, one hand with 2 coats of the pink and the other with 2 coats of the pink and then 2 coats of the glitter, so you get a better idea of the colours; oh I also added quick dry Top Coat by 'Attitude' Really cheap and a personal favourite of mine! and to finish it off I used Millennium Nails Cuticle Oil ... again, another personal favourite and not too pricey!
I also thought seen as I bought a gorgeous HOT PINK Nail art pen yesterday, why not try it out? and did a little Nail art on a practice tip, my picture unfortunately isn't that great and doesn't show how pwetty it really is :(
So here it is lovelies my first Review :)) I hope you like, and please leave a comment if you have any questions at all :) Thank you for looking and please check back soon <3

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